Checklist - Building Factory Permission

Sr No. Documents Mandatory
For Temporary Balcony Enclosure
1. Copy of Occupation or Completion Plan.
2. NOC of the Owner / Society (Annexure A).
3. Plan showing area of Balcony and cross Section giving Details of Proposed Enclosure.
4. In case the common wall is to be Removed, stability Certificate from registered structural engineer shall be Submitted.
For Loft
1. Three Copies of Plan With :
  1. Location Plan
  2. Block Plan Showing Proposed Loft
  3. Cross Section of Proposed Loft
2. NOC from Fire officer.
3. Documents of Ownership / Tenancy agreement (Registered).
4. Documents :
  1. Permit Copy U/S 390 of MMC Act
  2. License copy U/S 394 of MMC Act
  3. Structure stability Certificate issued by registered Structured engineer
  4. NOC Of the Society / Owner to construct loft (Annexure A)
  5. Undertaking for faithful compliance (Annexure B)
5. Authorization Documents :
  1. Approved Plan with Occupation certificate
  2. Assessment certificate showing 1st date of Assessment, prior to 1.4.62 issued by Asst. Assessor and Collector of ward
    CTS Abstract

Prior to 1961 - 62 :
  1. Photo pass of the structure in name of Applicant
1. Medical Certificate from Registered Medical Practitioner. Stating the need of English Type W.C to the Party.
2. Plan Showing Location of Premises and Exact size of the Flat and Bathroom where W.C is to be Provided.
3. Copy of Approval Plans with Occupation Certificate
Certificate from A.A.&C Showing the Existence of the Structure prior to 1961-62 in case of commercial,1964 of Residential.
4. NOC from the Owner / Society or Indemnity Bond.
5. Certificate from registered lumber showing the drainage Layout.
6. Undertaking for Faithful Compliance.
7. NOC from the Tenant Occupying the room below the proposed W.C.
For Repairs
1. Two Copies of Plans Showing Location sketch section Plans with outer Dimension and Section of Existing structure and proposed structure.
2. Copies of Occupation Plan or building completion Plan.
3. Certificate Form Assistant Assessor and collector of ward stating1st date of Assessment, area of structure and user
CTS Abstract Prior to 1961-62 showing the Structure.
4. Photo pass in the name of applicant.
5. NOC from landlord (Annexure A).
6. Undertaking for faithful compliance (Annexure B).
7. Indemnity Bond (Annexure C).
8. Registered Agreement of sale deed / rent Receipt.
For Temporary Monsoon Shed
1. Sketch showing Proposed shed with Location Plan with Dimensions.
2. NOC from Owner/society or if not Indemnity Bond (Annexure A or B).
3. LIC U/S 394 of MMC Act and or shops and Establishment LIC.
4. Permit U/S 390 of MMC Act.
5. Registration certificate from Charity Commissioner.