Checklist - Factory / Flour Mill (Alteration)

Sr No. Documents Authorised Structure Tolerated Structure
1. Three Copies of machine layout plans.
2. Undertaking on RS.100/- stamp paper.
3. Indemnity bond on RS.200 stamp paper.
4. Copy of approved occupation plan or building completion plan.
5. Extract of assessment issued by Asst. assessor and collector of concerned ward in name of applicant.
C.T.S extract of 1961-62.
6. Copy of registered agreement showing ownership/occupancy of factory premises in name of applicant.
8. If area/power/lab is beyond appendix 'A' list :
  1. NOC of Director of Industries
  2. NOC of Chief Fire Officer
  3. NOC of Deputy Chief Engineer (Environment)
7. Noc of land-lord/Society.
9. Zonal confirmation certificate from Executive Engineer ( Development plan ).

Photocopies of the above Documents have to be submitted